• Modeling paste with oil and wax. It has a very low melt point and when cooled becomes very firm making it perfect for extremely tight detail and skin textures. It has a low tack, which helps keep your fingers and tools clean. And come packed in a heatproof pack meaning you can melt it right in its own container.

    38,96 €

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  Pyrallis sprl

Maintenance and restauratiion of outdoor bronze, fourndry: https://www.pyrallis.be

ST Vitrail

Creation and restauration of stained glass: https://www.stvitrail.be

Welcome to La Procure.  We sell products for moulding (silicone, polyester, polyurethan, ...), for foundry (crucible, sand, furnace), stained glass (lead, copper, tools), gilding (goldleaf, mixtion, agatestone, ...).

Store is "on lline" but you can come to our shop.

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